On this page we have a few links to our YouTube channel where we have some videos of our stock.
Just click on a link below to be take to that video.

Polished Clear Quartz Crystals: http://youtu.be/b0f8hSwngdA

Polished Fluorite, Quartz, Ametrine: http://youtu.be/czmbdG8U2Is

Large Polished Points: http://youtu.be/qRlmLMNrcl0

Large Crystals 100kg+: http://youtu.be/3dGdUN6QIi8

Large Amethyst Druse: http://youtu.be/0nyRJhE67Wg

Uruguayan Amethyst: http://youtu.be/em7Avj90pNk

Upstairs Showroom: http://youtu.be/BUMBueBOE7c

Cathedrals & Large Scepter: http://youtu.be/xVp6PNfgrok

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