On this page we have a few links to our YouTube channel where we have some videos of our stock.
Just click on a link below to be take to that video.

Polished Clear Quartz Crystals:

Polished Fluorite, Quartz, Ametrine:

Tumbled Stones:

Large Polished Points:

Wind Spinners:

Large Crystals 100kg+:

Large Amethyst Druse:


Uruguayan Amethyst:

Upstairs Showroom:

Cave Room:

Main Showroom:

Cathedrals & Large Scepter:
  • Crystal Display Wall New Zealand

  • New Shipment October 2015.

    Containing stock from all over the globe.

  • New Brazil Shipment September 2015

  • Cathedrals & Large Scepter Crystal

    This is a selection of our Cathedral formation natural Citrine crystals, many of which are also Tabular formation. The tall crystal on the wooden stand in the middle of it all is a large Scepter wand, a very special piece...

  • Our Main Crystal Showroom

    This is a short video of our Main Showroom in Auckland, New Zealand. Here you can see a large selection of different crystals ranging from large 300kg Elestials to smaller Lemurian Seeds, Tumbled Stones and carvings in the shape of Skulls, Hearts, Angels and much much more.

  • Our Amethyst Geode / Cave Room

    This is a room full of our smaller Amethyst Geodes, stock varies greatly between shipments..

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