Crystal Mining Info

This page is dedicated to showing you where all our beautiful crystals come from. We have many people asking us how and where the crystals are found and what the mining operations and conditions are like, we feel that the best way to explain this to you is by showing you.

This is one of the many primitive mines scattered all across South America. This one is in Brazil and they are mining for Clear Quartz Points.

This is the view down the shaft. As you can see, it's pretty grueling work and keep in mind that the temperature is around 35 - 40 Degrees Celsius!

This is one of the makeshift houses that the miners live in. Sometimes large groups of men share one house and they do so for weeks on end.


Now we move on to another part of Brazil hundreds of miles South. Here they find mainly Amethyst and Agate in much larger mines penetrating the same valley.



This photo shows the Tailings of 3 different mines in this valley.

This is a close-up of the Tailings of one of the bigger mines still in operation in this valley.

The entrance to one of the mines.

Small strips of Amethyst can be seen on the walls all over the mine. These are too small to make it worth their while extracting.

Here we have a nice big Geode that they are in the process of extracting. As you can see, the Geodes are encased in solid Basalt rock. It can take weeks to carefully extract one Geode.

Literally a trailer-load of Amethyst Geodes freshly extracted.

A Massive 3-pointed Amethyst Geode that this miner has been working on for more than a week already and he still has some way to go.

So as you can see, it is a huge task getting these Geodes out of the ground and into their workshops where they cut them open, polish the edges and concrete the bases so they can stand up and paint the back of the Geodes. From there it gets trucked hundreds of miles through the forest to the coast where they are packed and loaded onto a ship to be brought to our warehouse where you can see and buy the finished product.


Now we move hundreds of miles to the north of Brazil where they mine Massive Earthkeeper Quartz Crystals.

Have you ever seen a 6 Ton Quartz Crystal Point before?

You can't even begin to imagine how much work goes into mining and extracting these Behemoths without damaging their fragile points.

These unique pink coated crystals weigh around 4 Ton. Below the pink coating lies a Brilliantly Clear Quartz Crystal.

This one is about 3 Ton. They have 20 or so of these lying around a yard surrounded by a 6 foot wall, like someone is going to be able to just pop around to steal one...

This is a Warehouse filled with hundreds of Tons of Amethyst Geodes as they come out of the mines before they have been cut in half by the two men you can see in the left of the photo.

This is the Big 1 meter Diamond Cutter they use to slice these Geodes in half to reveal the beautiful crystals lurking inside.

Now we move to the other side of the world, China. Below is a stockpile of various rough minerals waiting to be shaped and polished into Pyramids, Angels, Pendulums, Spheres and more...

This is one of the sorting areas, where the higher grade pieces are put aside to be used in the more elaborate creations...

These are some of the Cutters & Polishers busy doing their thing.

Here's a closer view of one of the Cutters trimming up some Jade.

As Neil goes on his buying trips around the world he will bring back more and more photos to share with you, so watch this space for new & exciting pictures and info.

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