Green Garnet Tumble Beads

Tumble Beads: Green Garnet Tumble Beads
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You will recieve one Green Garnet Tumble Bead Strand. Each is Unique and may appear slightly different from the one photographed. Weight and measurements are an average.

May contain natural cracks.

Gemology recognizes six common species of garnet based on their different chemical composition: Pyrope (red), almandine (red), spessartite (orange), grossularite (green), uvarovite (green) and andradite (green). This green  tumble is Grossularite Garnet. Believed to be very helpful for helping with one's energy levels, Garnet is a energy stone and a good blood cleanser.

Garnet is believed to help to dissolve energy and emotional blockages within your body. Garnet is said to help those who often find themselves feeling ungrounded and lacking energy. As it is known to be connected with the base or root chakra, it is said to assist in feeling grounded, secure and safe. Working with Garnet consistently is believed to reignite one's passions and motivate one to focus on the things that bring them joy, pleasure and happiness. This arouses the chi, or life force, within the physical body. The flow of life force energy through you is known to help rid of negative emotions in the body. It will stabilize the mind, and keep you connected to the present.

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